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A Little About Our Company

At Little Boxes we are all about people.  The boxes are created to provide a wee break from busy life to spend quality time with your chosen little one, creating and chatting over a shared project.

We care deeply about community and empowering people.  So we are working towards an employability scheme and we donate 10% of all boxes sold to children’s charities.

A Little About Us

Paula and Kathy launched Little Boxes in September 2020 from their kitchen tables. As Mums themselves, they love to see children thrive creatively and wanted to provide a way for parents and friends to fuel wee ones boundless imagination.

As a teacher, Paula, cares deeply about how children experience life, art and the world around them and the activities are planned to enrich children’s natural creativity and understanding.  Kathy cares about helping people move back into work and Little Boxes is hoping to provide a supportive employability program in the post-COVID future.  Until they can start their own community outreach program, 10% of all boxes sold are donated to children’s charities.

A Little About Our Boxes

Little Boxes are themed craft boxes for children aged 3 – 10.  They include a range of activities and crafts that have been carefully planned for easy use to nurture creativity and quality time together. They love nature too so every box encourages children to explore, gather and create in the outdoors.

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